by Herb Remington and Rick Alexander

Tuff Fun Tab is is a great new course for A6 Steel Guitar - 8 string or 6 string. Steel Guitar Legend Herb Remington and RACo Recording Artist Rick Alexander have teamed up to produce this course.

Herb's wonderful playing on each song is a treat for the ears and his hand-written tab shows you exactly how it's done. His 50 years of teaching experience really shows as he takes you on a musical journey of discovery and fun. Steel players at any skill level will emerge from this course better players. The emphasis is on single string work, harmonizing melodies, slants and chimes.

The instrumental accompaniment by Rick Alexander is all natural - acoustic guitars, bass, ukulele and occasional keyboards. No drums, midi or karaoke. 12 songs in the course include Hawaiian, Western Swing, Country, Pop, and Gospel numbers. Also included is Herb's beautiful new signature instrumental - "Sweet Talk".

Tuff Fun Tab consists of:

  • a 14 page book with tab and pictures
  • an audio CD with 24 tracks - 2 for each song (one with Steel Guitar and one backup track without Steel Guitar)

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From the pen of Rick Alexander:

"Working with Herb is definitely a cool experience. He's a great guy, wonderful company, and he's still the best steel man on the planet IMO. We recorded 22 songs - 12 for the "Tuff Fun Tab" project and 10 original tunes for the CD, which will be called "Sweet Talkin' Steels of Herb Remington & Rick Alexander" (Herb came up with both titles)."

"Sweet Talkin' Steels" has 3 of Herb's compositions, 3 of mine, and 4 that we co-wrote just for this CD. Most are instrumentals, 3 of them have vocals."

"Tuff Fun Tab" is much more than a random collection of favorite tunes. It's a strategic musical journey that causes the student to teach himself and have fun doing it. Anyone who learns these 12 songs as written will become a better steel player from the experience. It's for A6 tuning of course - 8 or 6 string. The course includes Herb's hand-written tab, recordings of Herb playing the songs and high quality backup tracks using real instruments - no midi, no drums and no karaoke. Just acoustic guitars, bass and ukulele when it's called for. The tab book will also have some photos and some comments from Herb."

"If "Tuff Fun Tab" is well received, we already have plans for a sequel."

Below are pics of Herb and Rick's sessions. Click on the pics for larger versions.

Enjoy and stay tuned!

Herb flies in for the sessions...

Herb and Rick


Herb lays down some tracks at Rick's studio.

Herbie and Remmy

Herb and Rick take a break

A job well done!